The Portal at Hylton Castle

Time travel awaits heroes at Hylton Castle

One morning Yuto and his friends (which are Jack Atlas and Akiza Rose) went to Hylton Castle. When they were there, they heard something coming from inside the Castle so they went in to have a look.  However, what they didn’t realize was that there was a portal waiting for them inside.  Once they were in there they were all sucked into the portal . . .

Once they were through to the other side they were a bit confused.  However, what they didn’t realize was that they were 1000 years in the past.  After 3-4 minutes, Yuto and Jack started to realize where they were.  However, Akiza was missing! After they found that she was gone, Yuto told Jack to start looking.  15 minutes later, Akiza was found, but it wasn’t Yuto and Jack, it was a group called Shadow Warriors and after she joined them the Black Rose was made.

Shadow Warrior bearing a Raven symbol.

Since Yuto and Jack had no luck finding Akiza, they both thought that she didn’t go through.  So they started to venture on to find someone that could get them back home. All at the same time, the Shadow Warriors were trying to find the only thing that could get them back: April the Dragon.

Heroic battles at Hylton Castle.

After a long hard search, they finally found April and Akiza.  The only problem was that April was in chains so while Jack was trying to get April out, Yuto was trying to fight off the Shadow Warrior and save his friend from their curse.  After Jack freed April, Jack told Yuto to grab Akiza and get on to the dragon.  And after all they made it back to the year 2019 and just carried on with their lives.

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