Sunderland Students Join the Hylton Castle Project in Digital Exhibition

A group of Year 7 students at Castle View Enterprise Academy have partnered with the Hylton Castle Project Team for a digital exhibition celebrating Hylton folklore from 1000 years ago to the future. Members from the Project (Learning Officer Pearl Saddington, University of Newcastle placement student Christine Chettle, and Project Photographer Mike Veitch) worked with the students and their teacher, sharing Hylton Castle and Dene's unique history, legends, and ecology, and exploring the possibilities this heritage contains for creating tales. The students then combined this knowledge with their own insights and have written new stories celebrating the past, the present, and the future of Hylton.

KS3 students from Hylton, Sunderland investigate folktexts.


'The Mysterious Murderer of Hylton Castle' mixes Mr Fox (an English version of the traditional Bluebeard fairy tale), eighteenth-century owner of Hylton Castle Mary Eleanor Bowes (who electrified eighteenth-century Britain through her daring escape from her shockingly abusive husband) with the Cauld Lad of Hylton folk tale, and then unites all these with nineteenth-century Sunderland icon the Empire Music Hall, to produce an exciting new Sunderland ghost story.  

Inspired by men in folk stories (German Brothers Grimm tale 'The Queen Bee' and 'Be with Gratitude' from ancient Indian fable collection the Panchatranta) whose adventurous difficulties feature encounters with wildlife, 'The Hylton Dene Camping Horror' combines wildlife tales with horror story tradition to re-imagine the complexities of Hylton Dene in an adult context.

 'The Portal at Hylton Castle' merges modern fantasy (Yu-Gi-Oh) and traditional fantasy (dragons and time travel), while including a visual link to a little-known romance set in the Anglo-Saxon period of Hylton Castle and Dene’s history: Edith and the Raven, and suggests future adventures in the day-to-day life of Hylton Castle through the location of its plot in 2019. 

KS3 student from Hylton, Sunderland meets the Cauld Lad of Hylton.

A Castle View Enterprise Academy student's visual meeting with the Cauld Lad of Hylton.

Not only have the students written new stories, they have also drawn beautiful illustrations to accompany the stories. The students' teacher, Mrs Leanne Diamond, commented: "My students very much enjoyed exploring the powerful heritage of Hylton Castle and Dene. It was an exciting way to celebrate their own rich creativity.”

KS3 students from Hylton, Sunderland developing stories.


Click on the links below to view their wonderful stories:

'The Mysterious Murderer of Hylton Castle'

'The Hylton Dene Camping Horror

'The Portal at Hylton Castle'

KS3 student from Hylton, Sunderland powers up his writing skills.






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