Young people making a difference in Hylton Dene

Today was an amazing opportunity for the Castle View Enterprise Academy Geography ambassadors to participate in an phenomenal opportunity. We have been cleaning our local pond dipping area in Hylton Dene, with support from the Hylton Castle Project team and Groudnwork North East.

In the months before heading out to clear up the pond, we organised meetings with Becky to talk about the hazards and risks involved, she also introduced us to different equipment to cut down weeds and clear vegetation.  We then spent a whole day out in the fresh air cutting back overhanging weeds, brambles, and other plants, clearing mud from the decking area, and cleaning up litter.  

Being part of the pond restoration project has given me the opportunity to come out of my comfort zone and to get to meet some fantastic people. Furthermore, I have been able to put this project on my Duke of Edinburgh CV, which will help me in the near future.

The students who participated enjoyed the day and were all well behaved. Some students even discovered the hidden beauties of HyltonDene, mini beasts. We managed to find water boatmen, which are very fast.

To conclude, we all hope our local community will continue keeping the vegetation and the water clean for the creatures to live in a nice environment. In addition, we also hope that our effort will attract more people to visit our local pond, and we will be using money raised by our fundraising at school to buy some equipment so that local primary school children can do pond dipping.  

This article was written by Geography Ambassador Chloe Bateman (Year 9) of Castle View Enterprise Academy.  

Chloe working hard to clear the pond dipping platform

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