Work Experience

I have done many different things on work experience this week at Hylton Castle.

My favourite thing I’ve done is putting the summer events up on the website. I had to write about the event and choose an image and then add it on to the website.

On the first morning, I read part of a huge folder about Hylton Castle which was very interesting and later that day I practised making badges for an upcoming event.

There has also been a lot of going around the area and doing different things such as: collecting glass from the glass centre, taking things back to a local primary school and delivering leaflets about an event around some houses.

On Friday morning, we went on a walk around Hylton Dene and it looked really pretty. I would definitely recommend just going for a walk around Hylton Dene! I have also got to meet some very friendly and interesting people, that has made this week especially nice! This has been a very fun week and I might come back in a few weeks to see the events that I wrote about taking place.

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