Volunteering for Hylton Castle

I’ve been a volunteer with the Hylton Castle Project for about a year and I can honestly say it has been a wonderful experience. Initially, I got involved with the Project to gain experience for potential work and to wisely spend my time. I started doing small pieces of work which constantly kept me busy, but as my confidence as a volunteer grew, so did my tasks until I learned to embrace new challenges, such as recording footage and helping over two hundred kids make badges at a World War I event.

One of my biggest and favourite tasks was creating a short story about the Cauld Lad of Hylton, the ghostly poltergeist that supposedly roams the castle. Although it was initially worrying to take on such a task, I learned to take it in my stride and write up the story. Now the story, accompanied with excellent illustrations by Thomas Hunter, will be seen within the castle and it’s something I am momentously proud of. Even now, I am writing pieces for the Hylton Castle App.

The time I have spent with the Project has been nothing short of excellent and enjoyable. The people I’ve met and worked with are not only pleasant and great to work with, but it’s obvious that they have a genuine interest in the castle and its history. I hope to do much more with the Project when the castle is open and provide help wherever I can. I hope other volunteers have an experience such as mine and I hope to see the castle grow even further in time.

Jack, Hylton Castle Project Volunteer

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