Time Capsule Project launched by the Mayor of Sunderland

MEMORIES AND ASPIRATIONS are being collected as a gift for future generations by the Hylton Castle Project, which was launched by the Mayor of Sunderland, Councillor Doris MacKnight and local children and community groups in the grounds of the 14th century castle this June.

Children and teachers from Hylton Castle Primary School, Northern Saints Primary, St John Bosco Primary, English Martyrs Primary School, Castletown Primary, Bexhill Academy and Castle View Enterprise Academy all attended the event, and were delighted to meet the Mayor, explore the castle, and begin recording their wishes for the Hylton Castle of the future to be placed in our time capsule. 

The time capsule itself has been designed and produced in partnership with technicians at the Fab Lab at the University of Sunderland in the blue and white colours of the Hylton Castle flag, and will tour local primary schools over the summer term.         

Children, with the help of their families and local community, will record their lives and thoughts about Hylton Castle and the surrounding local area today, and what they hope and wish for the castle and the area in years to come.  Films, photographs, drawings and writing capturing their ideas, thoughts and aspirations will all be placed in our time capsule, which will be buried on-site before the next phase of conservation construction begins.   Writing a postcard to the future at Hylton Castle

The Mayor of Sunderland, Cllr Doris MacKnight, said: “This is a fantastic project which our local schoolchildren and their families are really getting involved with, and which is already creating a great deal of interest in the community.  The stength of the Hylton Castle restoration project has always been the fact it is led by local people, and giving local children and their families this opportunity to share the memories and aspirationswith future generations adds to their sense of ownership.  As a local ward councillor and long serving member of the Friends of Hylton Castle and Dene, I know how much the castle means to people and what’s contained the time capsule will help demonstrate that to all those living here in future years.”    


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