Built around 600 years ago, Hylton Castle stands as a magnificent reminder of the past right in the heart of the community.  Much loved by local people but almost ruined for over 60 years Hylton castle has been a home for barons and school boys. A stronghold for knights and a headquarters for soldiers, and tells us much about how peole have lived in Sunderland for hundreds of years.

New life has been breathed into this ancient building. creating a new community-based heritage-led visitor attraction that celebrates the stories of Hylton Castle from the late fourteenth century to the present day. Internally, the building has been transformed into a bright new space for the 21st century. New floors, stairs, lift and roof have all been created inside the ancient monument to create a modern and stylish Tea Room, leading to flexible spaces for exhibition, event and educational use

Hylton castle is not just a building though, it is about people. There are ways for all to get involved, with voulunteering oppurtunities, activities and visitor events for local people and tourists, educational visits for schools, and a strong emphasis on training for local and young people. If you would like to join in, please get in touch.

Find out more about the history of Hylton Castle.

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